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Utilise la formulaire disponible pour mettre en contacte avec le(s) Clerke(s) de SYM.  Si c'est le premiere fois que tu nous communique, prie de nous informer où tu peux assister à une culte.   

Benutz du das Forumular um den Clerk(e) von SYM schrieben.  Wenn es das erste Mal du kontaktierst uns, lass es uns wissen wo du kannst an einer Andacht teilnehmen.

Use the form to email the Clerk(s) of SYM.  If it is the first time you are contacting us, please let us know where you can attend meeting.

C'est aussi possible d'écrire directe aux Clerks des groups locales / Kann man auf Die Locakelgruppeclerke direkt schrieben / Local Group Clerks can be contacted directly. 






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Welcome to the Web Site of the Religious Society of Friends in Switzerland (Quakers)

The Religious Society of Friends is a group of people who are all seeking the inner light which guides their lives. This faith in the presence of an inner light in every human being, leads to the profound conviction that violence is wrong, and that all the worlds' problems can be solved peacefully.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, which describes our faith, the history of Quakers in Switzerland, the social projects we support, as well as where to find us. If you have any questions please contact us or better still, come along to a meeting.


 SYM 2013

SYM 2013